Viva Pilates Studio offers a fitness routine that can help you and your baby stay healthy throughout pregnancy and beyond. We modify our classes to make sure you and your baby stay safe and strong.

Pilates centers you with a focus on posture, breathing and core work. It strengthens and gently stretches the pregnant body and encourages you to embrace the physical changes the body goes through during pregnancy. As with all prenatal exercise, Pilates is not as much about getting in the best shape of your life as it is a tool to help prepare for the pregnancy process.

Conditioning your core through Pilates while pregnant targets muscles that protect your back and are central to labor and delivery. Pilates helps prepare you for the most physical experience your body will go through. Plus, a healthy core during pregnancy leads to a quicker recovery after the baby arrives.

At Viva Pilates Studio, our pregnant clients will enjoy tailored exercises on the reformer, Wunda chair, trapeze table, and mat.

First Trimester

Thrilled, but please don’t wake me.

The initial stage of pregnancy brings upon a mixed bag of joy and discomfort. It is common to feel fatigue, nausea, and upper back and shoulder tension.

This is a good time to work on posture awareness, breathing, core exercises, gentle stretching and pelvic floor exercises. Slow and gentle strengthening can be done if you feel up to it.

Second Trimester

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

This is the stage of pregnancy when you feel your best. You're done with the morning sickness and have tons of energy. And is that a bump we see!? With the expansion of your belly comes the gradual pushing forward and shifting of your center of gravity. Weight shifting forward can lead to tight calf and hip muscles, weak hamstrings, compression of the lower back and a forward shoulder roll that leads to front shoulder tension.

We'll help relieve the pain with exercises that encourage good posture, gently stretch the tight and compressed areas, and strengthen the weak ones. Since at this stage you can no longer be on your back, we implement correct body positions while keeping muscles toned, and allowing the body to provide good circulation for you and your baby.

Third Trimester

Are we there yet?

There's a good chance that by now you're feeling uncomfortable. The baby’s movement is strongly felt, the joints of your pelvis may feel loose, breathing may be more difficult, and you may have swelling in your hands, ankles, and feet. We know you're counting down the days!

It is our goal to help ease the discomfort of this final stage of pregnancy. At this time it is important to keep up with gentle exercises, emphasize deep breathing for relaxation and become familiar with poses that reduce swelling. This is a good time to build stamina and courage in preparation for labor and delivery.

Fourth Trimester

Getting to know you.

First of all, congratulations! You've just spent 40 weeks creating a new person, now it's time for a period of restoration. It's time to reclaim your body for you. During these tender weeks, your body will be adjusting to a change in the center of gravity, stretched and weakened muscles, weakened joints and low energy.

We will guide you through exercises designed to strengthen muscles, beginning with the core, while protecting your joints. Pilates promotes strong, lean muscles. Because muscle uses more energy than does fat, it will also increase your metabolism and encourage weight loss.

Our studio a beautiful and calm environment where you are invited to stay after class and enjoy a cup of tea before rushing home to relieve the babysitter.

Of course, the health and safety of you and your baby are of the upmost importance to us. We encourage you to discuss your fitness plans with your doctor and let us know if either of you have any concerns.