Meet our team of certified instructors

Kathryn - Owner + Instructor

After Kathryn had taken Pilates classes for a few months she was amazed to find that she wore her body differently. She began to dedicate more and more time to Pilates and finally decided to leave her job in finance to become a certified Pilates instructor. Kathryn studied under Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence at Long Beach Dance Conditioning and received her certification in 2004. After teaching Pilates for two years she opened Viva Pilates Studio in Huntington Beach in 2006.

Inspired by a client, Kathryn developed an interest in Pilates as a management tool for chronic pain. Her success with her own clients led her and a colleague to develop workshops designed to teach Pilates instructors tools to successfully work with clients with chronic pain.

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Marilyn - Instructor

Marilyn began teaching and founded Viva Pilates Studio with Kathryn in 2006 upon completion of her Pilates Teacher Certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning under Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence. That same year, she completed Pilates for Pregnancy Teacher Certification from Fusion Pilates under Jennifer Gianni. Marilyn’s clients include pre and post natal women, competitive athletes, children and those simply desiring Pilates as part of a healthy lifestyle. Prior to her Pilates career, Marilyn worked as a researcher in the field of Medical and Environmental Microbiology, and brought to her Pilates studies a strong background in dance developed since her youth.

Inspired by a client, Marilyn, along with her Viva Pilates Studio colleagues, developed a Pilates program specific for clients suffering from the chronic pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia. Because of the positive impact Pilates has offered clients with Fibromyalgia, the program is now offered as continuing education for Pilates professionals.

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Paul - Instructor

Trained and comprehensively certified by Pilates Master Rael Isacowitz, Paul is also certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the only third party professional certifying body in the Pilates field today. Paul’s approach to both the practice and teaching of Pilates is mindful, precise, and intensely physical. He believes deeply that Pilates is first and foremost exercise, and approaches each session as an opportunity to strengthen the body and to deepen the mind-body connection. Above all, Paul loves to guide his clients to discover the joy in movement!

Paul has applied his life-long passion for and participation in athletics and fitness to develop and teach Pilates-based cross-training programs for athletes. He teaches other fitness modalities; including spinning classes and exercise programs designed for seniors and the differently enabled. Paul is also one of the developers of Viva Pilates Studio’s program to train other professionals to teach Pilates to clients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

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