Mind, Body, and Baby...Do Pilates and Pregnancy Go Together?

by Marilyn Koval

Pilates is ideal for pregnancy.

As part of a healthy 9 months, Pilates will prepare you for labor and delivery as well as help you to return to your pre-pregnant body after baby arrives.

Working with a qualified and well-trained instructor, you will learn how to feel your best while experiencing the many changes occurring in your body.

With a focus on connecting breath, body, and flowing movements, Pilates encourages relaxation and calm during this most memorable time in a woman’s life.

Before beginning any exercise program, always consult with your medical doctor.

Try the following as a little introduction to the many exercises a personalized pregnancy program can offer. This movement allows you to maintain good posture with upper back strength and shoulder stretch.

Chest Expansion

Perform this exercise standing, kneeling or sitting with good posture. A 2 lb. weight held in each hand is optional.

  • With arms lengthened and held by your side, inhale to reach arms behind your torso.
  • On the same inhale, look right as the arms remain back.
  • Exhale, return arms to sides and look forward.
  • Repeat movement and look in the opposite direction.
  • Repeat 4 to 6 times.