Does Pilates Make You Taller?

by Paul Meripol

Our client Julie was commenting the other day that she feels she has grown taller when she compares herself to her Mother, and credits Pilates.

I have noticed the same thing with one of my sons.

When he graduated high school we were exactly the same height.

Now when I stand by him I am just a little bit taller.

It drives him crazy!

So the question is, has Pilates caused me to grow taller?

Well no, we stop growing in our adolescence.

But….Pilates has trained my body to make complete use of all my potential when I stand.

My posture is much improved over years ago.

So, when I stand next to my son now, or Julie stands next to her Mom, we notice that we seem taller.

I think also, that as we progress on our practice, we stand, sit, and move in such a way that those around us notice a certain grace, and power, and integration that may not have been there previously.

We inhabit our bodies, and our space, in a way that engenders a perception of length.

So does Pilates make you grow taller?


Does it train you to find all the length you possess?

Most definitely.

Does it create a perception that you are taller?

I believe so.

Does Pilates Improve Your Posture?

by Paul Meripol

I have been thinking about something my client Joe told me a while back.

Joe said that when he squeegees his shower door in the mornings, he moves from his core now. He doesn’t just pull the squeegee down with his hand and arm, he pulls it from his center.

It’s the same thing when I reach up to close the windows in the studio - the effort originates from my center.

Pilates teaches us a new way to inhabit our bodies.

We stand taller, we sit straighter, and we bend and reach more efficiently and safely. And those postural changes have profound effects.

Here’s something I want you to try right now. I learned it from Dr. Brent Anderson of Polestar Pilates.

  • Sit back in your chair and slump down.
  • Round your shoulders and back, look down at your lap – sit like a teenage boy about to get called into the Principal’s office.
  • Now smile.

How does it feel?

  • Now lift up your chest and sit tall and balanced on your sit bones with your spine long, your shoulders balanced over your hips, and your head lifted over your shoulders.
  • Smile again.

Does it feel different?