Is Pilates Good for Seniors?

By Kathryn Russell

Pilates is a great exercise choice for seniors because it addresses many of the issues associated with aging such as loss of balance, decreased flexibility and stooped posture.

Pilates exercises strengthen the core and increase stability in the joints, which improves balance.

There are many Pilates exercises that are designed to increase scapular mobilization which minimizes the rounding of the upper back.

Your Pilates instructor can guide you safely through spinal articulation exercises that not only feel wonderful but can help minimize compression in the spine and increase your flexibility.

Here is a warm up exercises to try at home:

Pelvic Mobility Warm Up

  • Lay on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Have your heels in line with your sitting bones.
  • Flatten your shoulder blades onto the floor (you may need a pillow under your head) and notice how your ribcage feels heavy and comfortable on the floor.
  • Imagine that your pelvis is a soup bowl with the pubic bone being one edge of the bowl and your belly button the other.
  • Bring your “soup bowl” into a neutral position and breathe without tipping your bowl.
  • Now tilt your bowl toward your feet (your back with arch slightly) and now tilt it toward your chest (your low back will flatten onto the floor).
  • Do this several times with control.

Doesn’t that feel great?