Last week I went to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet a friend I have known since we both were three years old. We grew up together in Minnesota and although our paths have taken us to opposite sides of the country, we have stayed connected and remain “family” in everything but biology. We spent a long weekend catching up and simply enjoying being around each other again. I realized that this sense of community, of friendship and connection with other people, is essential to well being and is priceless. 

I have often thought about the friendships and sense of community that have developed at this studio. People who come here find themselves with stronger bodies and new friendships that will last a lifetime.  I am so proud to be part of this! 

So, I have good news – a new restaurant is opening in the center.  It is going to be beautiful and comfortable and will be the perfect place for us to enjoy our Viva Pilates community outside the studio. We are even going to move our book club meetings from our studio lounge to the new bistro!

And, my friend who joined me in Arizona? She was inspired and has signed up for private Pilates back home. I am thrilled for her and hope her studio provides her with both strength and friendships to last a lifetime.